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A guided walk about  life during the German Occupation.


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A linear walk every Tuesday morning from 7th  May 2019 until 24th September 2019


Leaving the  Gunsite Café, Beaumont, JE37YD in St Aubin’s bay at 10:30,  arriving at the Jersey War Tunnels about 12:45.


Take a stroll through beautiful St Peter’s Valley as you delve into life in Jersey when it was occupied in World War II. What was life like for everyday people? What did they eat? How did they know what was going on in the outside world? The walk takes you along past occupation relics on country lanes up to the high woodland area of Les Gellettes which had lain undisturbed for 60 years – until Channel Four’s Time Team came to excavate in the spring of 2010.  You will see the original trenches and gun emplacements built by the occupying forces and  hear all about the excavations,  before finally ending up at the famous Jersey War Tunnels.


No need to book, just turn up!


Adults £10.00

For further information, please contact Blue Badge Guide Tom Bunting on 07797780868  or email